Zero Net Carbon Policy Toolkit

Cities across Washington are working to find local actions to address global climate change. Through energy efficiency programs and Climate Action Plans, we are seeing increased government interest and goals for reducing the carbon impact of the built environment. But the specific measures and levers to meet these goals require policy and market research and meaningful partnerships that often present roadblocks to implementation. Additionally, many existing incentives are failing at real market transformation. We intend to address their shortfalls.

Building on the research, experience and leadership in the Pacific Northwest on the advancement of green buildings, Shift Zero will develop a toolkit for developing and implementing incentives and policy reforms that will drive real market transformation. Green building incentives are a proven way to increase green building’s market share if incentives are structured to match the local context. The creation of this toolkit will provide policy makers with material to more effectively champion green building of varying types in their area. This toolkit will provide information on which incentives work best for different building types in different contexts, acknowledging that effective incentives are not one-size-fits-all, and providing a valuable resource for policy makers.

Since this toolkit will provide information to areas that may not have adequate resources to do policy research, but would benefit from green building, we are addressing inequalities in who may have access to living in a green building based on the simple fact that green building’s market share is heavily dependent on where there are impactful incentives in place. Green building should be accessible everywhere and this toolkit aims to close the capacity gap that exists in parts of the state.


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Featured Image: zHome | Issaquah, WA
Architect: David Vandervort Architects | Builder: Ichijo USA
Project Partners: City of Issaquah, King County, Built Green, Puget Sound Energy, Port Blakely Communities, and WSU Energy Extension
Photo courtesy of zHome
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