Zero Net Carbon Policy Toolkit

Cities across Washington want to take action locally to address global climate change. Through energy efficiency programs and Climate Action Plans, we are seeing increased government interest and goals for reducing the carbon impact of the built environment. But the specific measures and levers to meet these goals require policy, market research, and meaningful partnerships that take time and resources.

Building on the research, experience and leadership in the Pacific Northwest on the advancement of green buildings, Shift Zero developed the ZNC Policy Toolkit to assist municipalities in crafting and implementing building incentives and policies that can have a positive impact and help municipalities achieve their climate goals.

Incentives are a proven way to increase green building market share if structured and implemented in a way that matches the local context. The ZNC Policy Toolkit provides local governments with material to more effectively champion zero net carbon building:

  • Tiers of certifications leading to highly energy efficient or zero net carbon buildings
  • Guidance on which types of incentives are effective in a given context
  • Draft legislation that can be amended locally

Shift Zero members are available to share expertise and discuss incentives with interested municipalities. Contact us to learn how local incentives can help bring the benefits of zero net carbon building to communities across Washington state.

Coming Soon! A comprehensive update to the Policy Toolkit. Check out the Executive Summary of the new Zero Carbon Buildings Policy Toolkit, which will be released in October 2020.


Contact for more information.

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Featured Image: zHome | Issaquah, WA
Architect: David Vandervort Architects | Builder: Ichijo USA
Project Partners: City of Issaquah, King County, Built Green, Puget Sound Energy, Port Blakely Communities, and WSU Energy Extension
Photo courtesy of zHome
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