Shift Zero Teams

Shift Zero convenes teams of advocate leaders, policy experts, and building sector professionals to develop and advance strategies for equitable building decarbonization in Washington State. 

Equity First: The Equity First Team works to ensure that all building decarbonization policies and programs proactively incorporate equity principles, including reducing energy burden and mitigating displacement, improving health, and building a diverse clean energy workforce. 

Energy Code: The Energy Code Team focuses on strengthening Washington energy codes, both commercial and residential, at the state and local levels. The group collaborates on code change proposals that will maximize energy efficiency and zero carbon buildings, and coordinates advocacy for energy code updates and infrastructure to allow the code to be successful.

State Policy: The State Policy Team brings together organizations to coordinate on statewide policymaker outreach and education related to building decarbonization.

Local Policy: The Local Policy Team supports opportunities for local government action on building decarbonization policy and programming.

Technical: The Technical Team brings together building sector professionals to help support other teams with technical questions related to the latest in building technologies. 

Communications: The Communications Team brings together communications professionals from partner organizations to amplify policy solutions and the benefits of efficient, zero carbon buildings. 

Field: The Field Team brings together partner organizations across the state to coordinate and mobilize grassroots support for building decarbonization policies and to promote general education about  climate-friendly buildings.

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Featured Image: Skokomish Community Center | Skokomish, WA
Architect: 7 Directions Architects/Planners | Builder: Pease Construction
Photo by Doug Walker: Walker Photography
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