Accelerating the shift to a zero emissions future, together.

Shift Zero’s mission is to catalyze a just transition to zero carbon buildings for all in Washington State.

We do this by advocating for policies and programs that maximize energy efficiency and eliminate emissions from buildings. As part of this work we strive to reverse inequities in access to healthy buildings and healthy communities, together with frontline communities.

Shift Zero is an alliance of organizations, each with its own mission and approach to sustainability in the built environment. As an alliance, we convene our members’ technical, policy, and advocacy expertise to identify solutions that can scale up to meet the urgency of the climate crisis. Collectively, we educate decisionmakers about how proven design approaches and building technologies can be leveraged to create affordable access to high-performance, resilient buildings.

Learn more about our work, and subscribe to the Shift Zero newsletter to stay informed about advocacy actions and policy news.

Featured Image: Grow Community | Bainbridge Island, WA
Architects: the Village: Davis Studio Architecture + Design, LLC; the Grove & the Park: Cutler Anderson Architects; the Community Center and the Trillium: Hartman Architecture + Design
Builder: PHC Construction | Developer: Bainbridge Island Holdings
Photo by Doug Crist
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