Our Mission

In June 2017, twenty green building organizations came together to form Shift Zero, a zero net carbon buildings alliance.

The organization’s mission is to fight climate change by rapidly increasing the adoption of zero net carbon (ZNC) buildings. Shift Zero does this by:

  • Forming a collective voice to advocate on behalf of zero net carbon buildings
  • Educating policymakers at local, regional, and state levels
  • Linking our efforts and supporting organizations representing communities disproportionately harmed by pollution and climate change

Our Strategy

We recognize climate change as the most urgent threat to our planet’s ecosystems and people, yet we are not implementing ZNC strategies fast enough to meet the threat.

Shift Zero’s diverse membership of local, regional and statewide organizations unites a powerful array of green building platforms, educational resources, and incentives that can be used to improve the sustainability of the built environment.

By working together and focusing on initiatives that are ambitious, scalable, equitable, and quantifiable, we believe we can achieve a ZNC built environment that will transform our carbon footprint in communities across the state.

Shift Zero efforts will initially focus within the state of Washington but may extend past those borders in the future.

Would you like to join or learn more about Shift Zero and zero net carbon?

We are looking for input and participation from diverse stakeholder groups and communities.

If you would like to learn more about Shift Zero or zero net carbon building, we will be happy to answer your questions or make a presentation to your group or organization. For more information, please contact info@shiftzero.org.

Shift Zero is fiscally sponsored by the NW Energy Coalition, and is supported by our members and The Bullitt Foundation. Donate

Featured Image: Bullitt Center | Seattle, WA | Photo by Nic Lehoux, courtesy of Bullitt Center
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