Policy Design Tool

The Zero Carbon Buildings Policy Toolkit is accompanied by a free Policy Design Tool. The Tool provides a step-by-step process to help a local government consider a range of factors to determine policies and incentives tailored to the local context. 

The Policy Design Tool includes:  

  • A “Community Context” scoring system, 
  • Ten “Matrix Keys” which suggest tools and policy options by incentive type,
  • An example matrix with mandates and a recommended 3-tiered incentive structure based on City of Shoreline’s “Deep Green Incentive Program” policy (see next page),
  • A blank form to develop a basic policy design.  

The intended output of this Policy Tool is a completed Policy Matrix Form which provides a starting point for a municipality to consider its policy options, but this is not intended to provide a prescriptive solution. As you go forward, use this Matrix to keep learning, analyzing, and engaging stakeholders as you develop individual policy actions or a package of policies. Ultimately it’s up to your jurisdiction to create your own roadmap to policies that you have the confidence, capacity, and market demand to bring to a vote and adopt. 

>>Download the Policy Design Tool

We want to hear from you!  How is this working for you?  Share your success stories and lessons learned, to help improve this tool for others! Email info@shiftzero.org

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