Advocacy Alert! Accelerate Phase Out of Home Oil Heating in Seattle

Mayor Durkan’s proposed heating oil legislation would support the phase out of home heating oil to more energy-efficient and clean heating and cooling systems by 2030.  Heating oil represents 16-18% of total carbon pollution contributed by Seattle’s homes and reducing that number is critical to achieving our climate goals. This legislation is a model policy that would reduce carbon pollution, overall energy use and heating bills, and support equitable adoption of clean heating technologies such as heat pumps.

Show your support!
If you live in Seattle, please reach out to your council members (your district councilmember + each At-Large member). If you are writing on behalf of your organization, send comments to the members of the Sustainability and Transportation Committee and then to the full council after the committee’s September 17 vote.

Have you done an oil to electric conversion in your home? If yes, consider testifying to share your compelling story of the retrofit and benefits you experienced, such as increased comfort and lower cost! Reach out to Rachel Koller for more information.

Information for your comment:

Important Dates 

  • Sep 17, 1pm Sustainability and Transportation Committee; public comment and vote
  • Sep 23,  2pm –  full Council; public comment and vote
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