2022 State Legislative Recap

Shift Zero and its members took a robust agenda into the 2022 session aimed at increasing energy efficiency and transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels in buildings. While the legislature did pass some bills, key building decarbonization proposals did not advance this session. Shift Zero members and allies have already started talking about what went well this session and where challenges remain. We’ll use these lessons in our work on next steps and in our outreach efforts with policymakers and others through the summer and fall. Join us!

Successes this session include:

  • HB 1280 – All electric analysis for large state buildings (Rep. Ramel)  
    • Will require large state projects to include and all-electric analysis in the pre-design phase
  • SB 5722 – Expanding the building performance standard (Sen. Nguyen) 
    • Extends data reporting and energy management requirements from 2019’s Clean Buildings Act to commercial buildings 20,000-50,000 sq ft and multifamily buildings over 20,000 sq ft.
  • Budget – Weatherization funding
    • The legislature restored $10 million of state funding to the Weatherization Plus Health program and authorized more than $69 million in federal dollars to the program. These investments will allow the program to ramp up and build capacity in the coming years. State funding is important to this program as it can be used in more flexible ways than federal dollars, such as for home repair. 
  • SB 5862 – C-PACER technical fix (Sen. Lovelett)  
    • Makes a technical fix related to enforcement  that will start C-PACER financing moving in the counties where programs have been adopted. 
  • HB 1619 – Appliance efficiency standards (Rep. Fitzgibbon)
    • Sets state energy use standards for certain home and commercial products, including air purifiers 

Key priorities left on the table:

  • HB 1767 – Targeted Electrification: authorizes public utility incentives for ratepayer electrification projects (Rep. Ramel)
    • Passed the House Environment Committee but did not make it off the House Floor
  • HB 1770 – Local option, residential energy code (Rep. Duerr)
    • Passed the House, but did not advance off the Senate Floor
  • HB 1766 – Clean Heat transition plans (Rep. Ramel)
    • Heard in the House Environment Committee but not voted on

Partner priorities:

  • HB 1099 – Growth Management Act climate element, advocacy led by Futurewise (Rep. Duerr)
    • Passed the House and Senate; went to conference; conference report was adopted by the Senate but the session ran out before it could be adopted by the House.
  • HB 1103 & SB 5659 – Embodied carbon, led by the Sierra Club and the Blue-Green Alliance (Rep. Duerr and Sen. Wellman)
    • The discussion continues, but opposition remains strong
  • HB 1490 – Energy for All, led by Front and Centered, utility bill support for low-income households (Rep. Harris-Talley)
    • Introduced last year; was not scheduled for a hearing or a vote this session

In 2022 we developed a deeper bench of legislators working on our issues, as well as continued partnership with the Governor’s office. Thank you to the following champions for your bill sponsorship and leadership on advancing clean buildings in Washington State!

  • Rep. Alex Ramel
  • Rep. Davina Duerr
  • Rep. David Hackney
  • Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
  • Sen. Marko Liias
  • Sen. Joe Nguyen
  • Sen. Liz Lovelett
  • Sen. Reuven Carlyle

And thanks to all Shift Zero members and allies for your advocacy this session! 

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