Progress in Olympia

It has been a busy few  weeks for climate, environmental justice, and clean buildings in the Washington legislature! The Clean Buildings for Washington Act, Appliance Efficiency Standards, HFCs bill, HEAL Act, Solar Fairness Act, and Clean Energy bills are all moving!

The legislative session is scheduled to end on Sunday, April 28 and will spend its remaining time negotiating and budgets; a special session could be added if capital and operating budgets are not decided by Sunday. Our environmental partners at the Washington Environmental Council have an easy way for you to engage with your legislator to let them know that clean building funding is important – fill it out today!

The latest policy news:

  • Clean Buildings for Washington Act (HB 1257): Onto the Governor’s desk! This bill would establish a building energy performance standard for large commercial buildings, would establish gas utility standards for conservation and renewable natural gas, and direct new buildings to be EV-ready. See this flyer for more information.
  • Appliance Standards (HB 1444): Onto the Governor’s desk! This bill would set energy and water use standards for many common home and commercial products.
  • HFCs Bill (HB 1112): Onto the Governor’s desk!This bill would phase out hydrofluorocarbons.
  • HEAL Act (HB 2009): The HEAL Act would require state agencies to use environmental health disparity data and analysis when making decisions about enforcement, investments, and policy development. The bill is now HB 2009 and needs a Senate vote. More information here.
  • Solar Fairness Act (SB 5223): Onto the Governor’s desk! This bill would update the way that net metering of solar use is handled between a customer and a utility.
  • Clean Energy (SB 5116): Onto the Governor’s desk! This bill would transition our electricity grid to 100% clean by 2045, with interim targets in 2025 and 2030.  An extensive article by Vox about the bill is here.

Thank you for all you do!

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